So far, so good

The trial day was a few days ago now, and we have been quite lucky so far. While the day itself was stressful, and staying in overnight is not brilliant from a mental perspective (for my wife – she now has to have a whole suite of clothes for hospital only), things are settling down.

The outward impacts are minimal – she has a sore arm from the injections, and is tired , and likely to get more tired as the days go on. The tests also don’t show too much untoward, low platelets as we thought might happen. This is the area we have to keep an eye on, low white blood cells could be the downfall of this whole trial.

And this means that agin we are in a position of being in limbo – not sure what is going on, waiting for more positive news. I think I mentioned before the feeling of kicking the can down the road. Unfortunately there is never a sense of a positive stride forward, we seem to bumble along, waiting for the next thing to hit. I’m sure that isn’t the case for the doctors, but that is how we seem to be.

From a personal point of view, the stress is taking its toll. Almost constant headaches, and my tinnitus is back. The Christmas break had meant lots of sleep and rest, and now I am back at work I am seeing the impact of early starts, worry and lack of sleep. Add in the fact that only one of us is working, and we are really missing the second salary, while my wife is very keen to make the most of her time, none of which seems to come cheap! Any hints and tips you may have will be very welcome, please comment!

Anyway it is Sunday, my son won his football match yesterday, and there are lots of jobs to be done, so time to go. Let’s hope we don’t have any further change to her health.

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