Spitting Image

Spitting Image is coming back. This got me thinking back, and in particular to a single I bought in 1986. I would have been 12, so I must have heard it on the radio (no spotify or you tube then folks!). Strangely I don’t even remember watching the TV program. I had the following 7 inch:

Chicken Song.jpg

The Chicken Song! A take down of the Black Lace summer tunes, sung by “Two gits with wet hair”. Nonsensical lyrics, just cleverly written to sound authentic – to my young ears it was great. I didn’t have many other singles, so this went on quite a bit (along with the Eagles Dan Dare single – that’s for another time!).

But it also had a B side – and what a B side. I’ve never met a nice South African – it still sounds daring now. I’ve played it to some South African friends – it appears they had heard it before!

I always had to be careful my parents didn’t hear it – this would not have gone down well. And I’m not sure what happened to the vinyl – I have a box in the garage, but it doesn’t seem to be there.

Still, nostalgia – its not what it used to be

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