I haven’t written anything for a while as I haven’t had the motivation. As in the rest of the world, things have gone really scary and surreal. Last week we started quarantining ourselves, keeping the kids home, not going out. I am working from home.

The corona virus is really scary – my wife is very high risk of infection, and really worrying issues if she catches it. Everything has closed down, no more trial, in fact no more hospital visits. I have a feeling of impending doom a lot, not knowing what is going to happen. We are trying to make things work at home, keeping the children occupied, but it is hard. They are young, they are scared, and the longer this goes on the worse it will be mentally.

The media doesn’t help – lots of footage of empty shop shelves – what is with that. A great deal of ignorant arseholes clearing the shelves of items, that will no doubt go to waste. For most people if you are sensible, you can go to the shops but use social distance – for us there is a clear risk of that simple activity. But we didn’t stock pile. I don’t need 100 toilet rolls and piles of hand soaps. I cant even get tonic for my G&T!

Our leaders don’t seem to be very clear about what to do – keep away from the pub, but we wont close it. Don’t be in groups with other people, but we will keep the parks open. We are led by idiots at times.

And of course the mental toll. My daughter had had a cold, no temperature or other symptoms of the virus, but every time you get a slight tickle in your throat or headache you start to worry. I read the symptoms on line, and had to take a while convincing my self I just had a cold. And then not sleeping means you have a constant head ache.

I will try to keep more up to date going forward, but I suspect our news wont have much happening – at least I hope not.

For now, all I can end with is a plea – stay in your house, don’t go out, wash your hands, don’t be a dick. Not for you (you may be fine), but my for my wife.

And one last thing – Kenny Rogers was a dude, whatever you think (and if you don’t agree you are wrong)

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