Dread (don’t judge)

I seem to have a feeling of constant worry at the moment. The world feels that it is shrinking, everything becoming over whelming. I avoid the news to a certain extent, but the constant concern is a real pressure.

My wide had her latest scans, which came back ok, only a slight worsening but no treatment at this stage. But I still wonder what the point of everything is. Why do we have this life, what is the point of everything. We stress and worry for what.

I have non stop headaches and stomach aches and developing insomnia. It would be nice to have some good news once in a while.

My work is also having a bout of restructuring, which means jobs going. Shouldn’t be my department, but no one can be safe.

All this builds to a constant in relenting pressure. A sense of dread. And we are all sick of it.

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