Radiotherapy on the liver

Latest news is that scans have shown that the cancer has spread further to the liver, and quite big at that. 6cm, which when I look at guides on line, is stage 3. I take this as being pretty bad, and that was echoed in the speed that the specialists moved to arrange radiotherapy to attack it.

First up was a trip to get the gold markers put in. These show the technicians where to aim the radiotherapy beams, and make sure they dont miss. This was quite quick, but left her feeling achy, and her side was hurting. It felt like a stretching at times, and coupled with the noticeable swelling shows that this treatment is not before time.

Then today was the first session. It was a bit longer than hopefully it will be going forward, as the scientists had to do lots of calculations to ensure they gave the correct dosage. But eventually I got the message to say she was out, and on her way home, thankfully. Tired, and again aching. But home, and so far, no other side effects. But I suspect it will be cumulative, so we wait and see.

It has been a stressful time, as the children have exams. The youngest started SATs today, while the eldest has GCSEs starting in earnest next week. Not the greatest of timings to begin a new round and type of treatment.

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