Gove, Patel and a 2nd Round

I know that the two arnt connected, but yesterday was the 2nd round of my wifes radiotherapy, and it coincided with some quite unbelieveable exhibitions of wankery from certain Tory ministers.

First up was Michael Gove, a living Pob puppet (one for the 80s kids), who went on TV and gave a series of interviews about the cost of living crisis amongst other things. And during this really serious, life threatening topic, this wet wipe of a politician did at least three funny voices that I saw, throwing out his comedy routine like he was on Britons Got Talent. Our leaders should not be demeaning very real issues in such a way. The people who elected him as an MP should be deeply ashamed, and to be honest he should as well, but I suspect that whatever chemical comedown he is undergoing today will take his mind off it.

Second in my list of Tory ministers being absolute loathsome creatures is perennial ranking officer of the dark side, Priti Patel, refusing to engage in debate with her opposite number, and sitting making faces during a session in parliament. The way some of these entitled buffoons act when in the Commons makes your eyes bleed. If they engaged in that type of behaviour in any other jobs they would have been shown the door years ago. It is behaviour that small school children grow out off very quickly, as they learn what respect and dignity are, which then develops into a professional attitude. There is nothing professional of dignified in the way our so called leaders act right now, treating the country as their personal play thing, laughing at the very people who elected them in the hope that their lives would be improved. It is deplorable, and they should be deeply ashamed, but obviously wont be.

And I havent even mentioned the sack of shit in a cheap suit that is the Prime Minister. Another day, another rant at a priviliged over promoted wank sock will come at a different time.

This all coincided with the second round of radiotherapy, which went about as well as you could hope. The anticipation meant that she was not in the best frame of mind going into it, feeling sick, and then the inevitable delays meant that she was longer in the hospital, and was then ill when she came out. She has lost alot of weight, and looks very frail. It breaks my heart that there is nothing I can do but watch as my family and loved one falls apart in front of my eyes, seeing the fear in her eyes, and trying hard to make things comfortable for her.

These are the issues that real people are dealing with, and yet the names mentioned above live in a different world, where everything can be treated as a joke, and where there are no consequences. The way people are treated now makes my blood boil, and it is amazing how little empathy they have.

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