Useful links and advice to help a carer of a terminal cancer sufferer

I wanted to compile a list of resources for those who are going through similar to my family. This will be an evergreen list of useful links, tips and so on. I will update regularly as I find new things to share.

Diagnosis and understanding

Obviously, you should go to your doctor for any diagnosis, but to help with the understanding, because the words and explanations can be very scary, these links to medical sources may help.


The UK health service, and their website has an amazing array of information. This link talks about the main types of cancer, spotting cancer early, and ways to reduce risks, along with types of treatment. A good general guide for those embarking on the journey.

National Cancer Institute (America)

A US based website, again some great resources, and a section on how cancer is diagnosed. Again, useful to help understand what is being said in the early days following a diagnosis.

Cancer Caregiver Resources Cancer Caregiver Resource guide,Call%20the%20American%20Cancer%20Society%20at%201%2D800%2D227%2D,respite%20services%20in%20your%20area.&text=Caregivers%20have%20been%20shown%20to,need%20and%20ask%20for%20help.

A great website, with a pdf you can download. Talks through what a caregiver is, what they do, even what if you dont want to be a caregiver. Also tips on looking after children and handling work situations. A good one stop guide.


Cancer Research UK

This charity does alot of good in the UK, and have a great amount of resources again on their website. In particular I like this page on caregivers, giving advice (look after yourself), and practical tips. The link to the caregiver page is but explore the website more. And donate to their charity, in the UK you can gift aid your donations, so they get the tax back.

Macmillan cancer support

Not gonna lie, these guys are the dogs. They support so many people and give out some great guidance. They organise charitable events to raise money, but also can give comfort to the dying, their carers and anyone with concerns.

Mental Health

Keeping on top of your mental health is vitally important, and the below groups can give support and guidance.

Mind is a UK charitable group, who promote some really useful information. Highly recommend investigating their page and getting advice if like me you are not coping.

Blogs and other

Cancer Care Parcel

These guys sell a variety of gifts and living with resources for someone with cancer, but also have some excellent resources on their website. You can find a list of tips for when a loved one has cancer, tips on dealing with side effects, and much more.


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