Visiting Cambridge Uni, and tiring out my wife

My daughter has been offered a place at Cambridge Uni to study engineering (and damn right I will keep mentioning that alot), and today we went for an offer holders day. She got to look around the college, meet other offer holders, and get the feel of the place. We went with her, but with nothing formal arranged, we just had a walk around the college grounds, then headed for lunch in town.

It took a while to find somewhere to eat that would work for my wife. Like Goldilocks, the food wasnt right, or the chairs looked too hard, and it was a long walk to find a restaurant. We decided on Franco Manca in the end, having walked past it ten minutes previously. Frustrating.

The first table they offered us was upstairs, but thankfully they allowed us to sit on a larger table downstairs when I asked, and when the waiter saw how my wife looked. After the walk she was ashen faced, staring at the ground, and shuffling along. It was upsetting to see, but I was relieved they didnt make too much of a fuss about moving us.

The home truth of her strength was made starkly clear considering we were looking around the college our daughter will potentially go to, when we met at uni ourselves. The start of her young life, with all the possibilities, at the same stage when our lives had met many years ago. And now we are at a point where my wife has lost much of what she was at that time.

We headed back to the car, and collected our daughter, before taking 2 and a half hours to get home, where my wife headed straight to bed, worn out after the day trip.

I am not looking forward to my daughter going to uni, I will miss her. I am excited by the opportunity she has in front of her, but the house will be quiet without her here. And I am also very aware that there is always a chance that when she goes away, I will be left at home with only my son around. I hope not, but in reality time is against us.

So, a bittersweet day all round. Exciting, but tinged with concerns.


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