Freedom Day

It seems like a good day to put up my next post. It has been a while, I will admit that, but the impetus just hasnt been there. My wife has now re-started her chemo, and has had three rounds, with a fourth to come this week.

It has been tough, she has a cycle of three weeks, which means in practice a few days worrying about the upcoming treatment, then the few days of hospital visits, and then a week or so feeling rubbish, and hopefully a few days in between when things feel better. She doesnt sleep because of the steroids, and then doesnt sleep when coming off the steroids, she feels sick, she struggles with eating some foods, and the list could go on.

On top has been the worry of build up to the end of Covid. Whats that you say? Yes, it is over the UK – Freedom Day, no more reason for masks or social distancing! Hopefully most people are like us, and realise that the measures going on now are not sensible. We will still keep our masks on (I like being able to swear under my breath in a shop and no one knows), will keep our distance and try our hardest to have some personal responsibility. My wife is still vulnerable after all, and having seen one time of her losing her lung capacity, and be put into a coma to breath, I do not want another experience like that.

We have been able to cautiously see family – I took my children to stay with my parents for the first time since Christmas 2019. It was great, they had a brilliant time. We are now trying to arrange more meet ups before the inevitable lock down later this year. I feel like a bad prophet, but I have seen 28 Days Later, and am sure that given a few weeks of people acting like nothing is wrong, we will be back at square one. Please hope I am wrong.

The children are coming to the end of school for this year – and have shown remarkable resilience. They have both had great reports, and have even been able to do some trips, and out of school activities. We have been lucky that there have been no close positive cases for them.

I may be going back to my office soon as well. At first I didnt want to, but now think I need some time with other people I work with. It will be phased however, and with no pressure, so depending how my wife is, we may have to be careful. Got to find the work clothes now – I am going to guess that I may have found the trousers have shrunk while in the wardrobe!

We had the Euros – and what a time for England. My son is nine, so for him this was amazing, a successful England team is all he knows. He was devastated at the end of penalties though – but so proud of the team. It has inspired us to play more – he is in a team, but we have been doing extra with his friends. And let me tell you – 8 and 9 year olds are much fitter than a slightly overweight 46 year old with bad knees! I was knackered for days!

And thats all for now – hopefully this weeks treatment goes well. Time to leave with my favourite tune of the last few months – James with All The Colours Of You. They are such a great band, and I feel this and the accompanying album are career highs. If you only know Sit Down or Laid (and if you dont know those tunes shame on you), check this out.