Update 11th Oct and a plea

The vitamin B12 injection does not appear to have had an immediate impact. Maybe I foolishly thought it would alter her straight away. However, she still has pain and still is very tired.

Today was a day when she did walk into the village, and then meet with a friend, so we should be happy for small things like that. She is very frustrated and stressed though. Constant pain must be so debilitating. Even from my small experience I know that having a bad back for a few days can take it out of you, so goodness knows what her days are like.

She has got into meditation and today being a full moon meant that she had to do certain things. Hopefully they will have an effect.

This however was probably taken away by the washing machine giving up. It was on the blink at the weekend, and the part I ordered and fitted didnt do the job this evening. I spent all night with the guts of the machine open, and fitted the drainage pump correctly, but there was a problem elsewhere. The water would go into the machine, but not into the drum, which doesnt help when trying to wash clothes.

And this is where the titular plea comes in. If anyone is feeling generous, and would like to help a terminally ill woman out, please click on the buymeacoffee link which should come up as a cup icon, or try the following:


Any small donation would be gratefully received. I will keep you all informed of how we are getting on.