Buffalo Soldier Coffee

I like my coffee. For years I have made a pot first thing in the morning, and drink it black, probably having way too much during the day! However, recently I was getting bored of my regular beans.

I grind the beans each day, unless I am feeling lazy, and like strong flavour-full coffee. A dark roast is perfect for me, without milk or sugar. It has to have a hit, a richness, and give me the perfect kick in the morning.

I like a company called Imperial Teas, and their Voodoo Comet roast, though also like regular espresso beans from the supermarket. I dont like a coffee that is weak and doesnt follow through.

So I was very pleased to find a new brand – Marley Coffee. This, as the name suggests, comes from Jamaica, and is owned by one of the Marley family. This dark roast is smooth, and velvety, with a chocolate like finish. It is extremely drinkable, and is a coffee you look forward to drinking. Additionally the name is awesome, and it is organic with a climate pledge. It is the best coffee I have discovered for a long time. You can buy it by clicking on the link below.