Spitting Image

Spitting Image is coming back. This got me thinking back, and in particular to a single I bought in 1986. I would have been 12, so I must have heard it on the radio (no spotify or you tube then folks!). Strangely I don’t even remember watching the TV program. I had the following 7 inch:

Chicken Song.jpg

The Chicken Song! A take down of the Black Lace summer tunes, sung by “Two gits with wet hair”. Nonsensical lyrics, just cleverly written to sound authentic – to my young ears it was great. I didn’t have many other singles, so this went on quite a bit (along with the Eagles Dan Dare single – that’s for another time!).

But it also had a B side – and what a B side. I’ve never met a nice South African – it still sounds daring now. I’ve played it to some South African friends – it appears they had heard it before!

I always had to be careful my parents didn’t hear it – this would not have gone down well. And I’m not sure what happened to the vinyl – I have a box in the garage, but it doesn’t seem to be there.

Still, nostalgia – its not what it used to be


Sometimes just getting into the car can bring a burst of nostalgia. One such occasion happened today, with the radio playing David Essex and his famous track Hold Me Close.

Now this took me back to going home for lunch from primary school, to my mother making ham, egg and chips, and Gloria Hunniford on Radio 2 (this is in the UK).

Music has a great gift for giving us a sense of time and rememberance. Memories of happier times, but also sadness for loss of those times.

This isn’t a song I would listen to a lot, but for a few minutes I was happy, back at the lunch table!