Running up that hill

The check ups and oncologist meetings come around exceptionally quickly – they are now every two months, but feels quicker. My wife has CT scans, MRI scans, blood tests, and a day in the hospital, and then a week later we will head in to see her specialist.

That appointment is tomorrow, and that means that the last few days have been stressful. We had family to stay over the weekend as our daughter was in a school play, and that always sets my wife on edge. She struggles now to deal with lots of things going on at once, following the stroke last year, and needs time for her own space, which doesn’t always happen with elderly relatives in the house.

I have learnt to be helpful, but give her the space she needs. I cant imagine what is going on in her head – the slightest ache and pain causes anxiety. This week it has been a stomach ache – and when the cancer is in the peritoneal wall, that makes you think the worst. So far there has been no movement to the bowel, but stomach aches can signify that. It may be innocuous, but we thought that with the chest pains last year, and that led to pneumonia, a coma, and the stroke.

I have to find ways to cope, and one is running. I am not very good, and dont get out very often, but find it does clear my head. Amd luckily the study linked below came as good news. Even once a week can help.

It helps, me and may help others. Looking after yourself is almost as important as looking after the patient (I learnt that in therapy!), and this is one way I use.

Anyway, on to tomorrow, and hopefully good news.