Home again

My wife is home and tired now. Frustrated with everything. They may go for another round of treatment, as by using steroids and antihistamines they can suppress the bodies reaction to the drugs. It was this that caused her to have a reaction yesterday. Apparently it is known in the second round as your body recognised what is coming and says no way.

We do have the feeling of why. Why does this keep happening, why can’t we catch a break. I have said before how I wish this was over at times, and yesterday is a prime example. We are tired of the rounds of hospitals and tests and drugs and doctors.

But for now we go again. I don’t even know if we are better or worse off than this time yesterday. In a few months we may be told, but for now we will have to keep doing as we are.

A dreaded call

My wife was in for the second round of treatment today, as planned. At 2.30 I hit a call from my mother in law who was in with her that something had happened, and she had had a reaction. I didn’t know what to do.

I raced to make sure the kids were ok, and got to the hospital. She had lost consciousness, and they had stopped the trial. After some time she came round. Thankfully she seemed ok, but was kept in.

While going it hit me. I don’t know what to do in this situation, even after all this time. And why the fuck does bad stuff keep happening