What’s the Story

Nothing bad has happened thankfully. My wife has had a stinking cold (really bad), which is a bugger when you can’t take anything to hold the symptoms at bay. I blame the kids.

The blood tests have come back OK so far, with no adverse reactions. Platelets were slightly down, but for those aware of most treatments, that can happen. The major issue has been really bad tiredness – she is knackered in the evenings, and struggling to get up in the morning. Add in some bad dreams (which sound almost hallucinogenic) and it is a bad mix.

I also saw this week was World Cancer Day – the theme was I am and I will, about making a commitment to ending cancer – personally the posters I saw in my office were confusing, but it did prompt me to investigate further, which is the main thing. Getting awareness up is paramount. The strange thing is that in my office not everyone know of my home life, and don’t know my wife is ill. I am fairly private (says he on the Internet), but I also don’t want it to define me.

That’s all for now – and the Whats the story headline leads me to Morning Glory – another blog post for another day.